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Rats - Pest Control Products


Pest Control Supplies for Rats

We ship to the lower 48 states, New York excluded.

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Giant Destroyer


4 pack for $7.50

Giant Destroyer

The name says it all. Light wick and place in burrow. Moles, woodchucks, groundhogs, rats and more. One of the best gas cartridges available. 4 in a package. Cannot be used in sandy soil.

Coyote Urine



Coyote Urine

Nature's best!

Will work on any animal that would be naturally afraid of a coyote. Place 1 oz. in a gallon of water and spray near areas bothered by rabbits, mice, wild cats and more!

110 BodyGripper Conibear Trap



110 BodyGripper Conibear Trap

Lethal trap used for squirrels, weasels, muskrat, rats, etc. Set trap over hole or runway animal is using and when trap fires, animal is dispatched instantly.

Coni setters are not included and are available separately.

Coni Setter Tool


Coni Setter Tool - $6.00 (for all Conibear Traps)

Coni Setter Tool


Large Glue Board


Only $3.99

Large Glue Boards

The best available! Rodents and snakes simply move right on and are caught. Pre-baited and non-poisonous. Simply catch and dispose of. Great for catching insects on or to monitor for activity.

T-Rex Rat Snap Trap


$5.50 ea.

T-Rex Rat Snap Trap

The T-REX Rat trap is a perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity -- speed and responsiveness ensure capture. Extensive field and laboratory testing fine-tuned T-REX rat traps to optimum specifications. Safer and easier to use than the normal snap traps, T-REX rat traps can be readily set by foot safely on the ground. Press the trap open like a pedal, keeping fingers free and safe. Included is a removable bait cup that inserts from the bottom of Trapper T-REX. The cup can be withdrawn and re-inserted without the trap being set, which greatly enhances safety and ease of use.

Fastrac Blox Bait with Locking Bait Stations



Fastrac Blox Pail

Fastrac Blox kills rats and mice. These blox are mold and moisture resistant.

** Fastrac Blox must be bought in conjunction with the locking mice or rat baiting stations **

Ambush Bait Stations

1 for $7.95

6 for $61.97

Ambush Bait Stations

Tamper-proof bait stations. Place baits for rats in tamper-proof boxes. Keeps children and pets safe. Place station along wall or where rats are traveling. 6 per case. Locks with tool (included).


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