Animal Removal for Chesterton, IN

While city dwellers may have different needs than rural homeowners, pest control services are still an important part of many residences. Whether you have rats or raccoons, in Chesterton, IN, proper or outside of it, at Guardian Pest Control, we can offer you effective animal removal services whenever you need them.

More Than Just Pest Control

We boast a large team of experienced, certified technicians. We’ve been removing unwanted wild animals from customers’ homes since the early 90s, so you can count on our multiple decades of experience. As our company has grown, so have our services, so we can do more than simply remove the animals you’ve noticed.

We work with every household to ensure that we know exactly what your needs are, and then we provide an effective yet safe solution to eliminate the animals. But even then, our work might not be complete — if an odor lingers or damage has been caused, you can count on our continued service.

We offer odor control if you need it so you can relax in a nice-smelling dwelling once more, and our restoration options extend to physical damage as well. We can provide licensed structural repairs so you don’t need to worry about hiring any other repair company after our services are complete.

Get an estimate for any of our services or a package today.