Repairs from Wildlife Animals and Pests
in Chicagoland & N.W. Indiana

Guardian Pest Control Services offers professional repair services for your home or business caused by rodents or wildlife animals. Our licensed technicians will offer a solution to keep your home or business free of future infestations and repair any of the damage caused from these nuisance pests or wildlife animal. 

Repairing Damage Caused by Rodents or Wildlife

We fully inspect for damage caused by your situation. Different rodents or wildlife have different damage that they cause. We are experienced at knowing where to inspect and repair based on what pest caused the damage.

Pest control specialist on a ladder - Guardian Pest Control

Home Repairs

We will repair damage to your home caused by wildlife such as squirrels, birds and raccoons entering your home.

Animal Proofing

We protect your home’s access areas and your deck area to prevent further invasion.

Other Exclusion Specialties:

– chimney caps

– roof vent guards

– dryer & stove vents

– rodent/bat exclusion 

– wildlife deterrents such as gutter guards and tree               wraps

Protecting Your Property From Future Infestation

Our licensed technicians will evaluate your property and look into what pests you are most likely to encounter, inspect and communicate the options to prevent these pest from damaging your property in the future.

We offer a full array of services for animal damage control to prevention. animal proofing, bird barriers and sealing holes and cracks are some of the many techniques we help with. Call today for a free estimate!