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 Our service has been deemed an essential service by the federal government to continue to protect the public health of our communities during this crisis. Given that we work with pesticides and rodenticides every day we are well accustomed to important hygiene protocols like washing hands frequently, wearing gloves, and wearing protective gear. Thank you for being a valued client of Guardian Pest Control.


Expert Commercial and Industrial Pest Control Services Since 1987!

Each commercial property is unique in its own way. Whether you own a food business, health care facility or a factory we have the experience and proper licensing to handle any commercial pest control issues. We offer one-time to regular maintenance type of commercial services so you can choose the best option for your business.

Insect Control in Orland Park, IL

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs



Insect Control in Orland Park, IL



All other insects

All other insects

Some of the most common commercial pest are listed below. We can exterminate any pest so call today for your free estimate!

Bed Bugs

Hotels and Nursing Homes have experienced a serious problem with bed bug infestations over recent years in the Midwest. If your business has signs or need to prevent bed bugs call Guardian Pest Control today for a free evaluation for the best bed bug treatment solution.
Insect Control in Orland Park, IL
Insect Control in Orland Park, IL


Just one cockroach seen at your business can hurt business for a long time! Cockroaches pose several threats to your business including disease, food contamination and they can even bite. Cockroaches can eat just about anything, including plastic, glue, trash and more causing costly damage to your business.

When you hire Guardian Pest Control Services as your cockroach exterminator, we perform multiple stage treatment so you can rest assure we will eliminate you roach issue.

Our treatment method includes a multiple approach system to better exterminate roaches in your business. This process includes:
– Inspection of your facility and unique environment
– Consultation for the most effective, roach-free results
– Treating the existing and prevention of future roach infestations
– Drainage cleaning, sealants, and other methods for prevention

Call for your free consultation today!

Commercial Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes are some of the most common nuisance pests to humans and pets. While annoying mainly these insects can carry disease, although rare there are cases of The West Nile Virus & Zika in Illinois and Indiana which can be a deadly disease.

Some of the most common places mosquitoes lay their larvae is still standing water, grass, tree holes and plastic containers. The peak biting time is just before and after dusk and before sunrise and only the female mosquito bites.

Mosquito Control & Prevention

There are several ways to reduce mosquitoes on your property. Guardian Pest Control will inspect your property for mosquito friendly habitat and eliminate and help control where they breed so your beer garden, outdoor event or other outdoor business can have a better experience for your clients.

Guardian Pest Control Services uses a variety of effective eco-friendly methods in order to eliminate your mosquito problem. We also implement tactics to help protect against future outbreaks that are effective yet safe for your business.

Termite Treatment

Termites can cause loss of value to your property and hurt your reputation. Guardian Pest Control offers fast, reliable commercial termite solutions for your business. For a free termite evaluation call today!

Fly Control

Our commercial fly control treatment will help prevent fly issues in your business. Our fly treatment programs will help eliminate and prevent future fly issues.

  Drain Fly Control and Removal

 Fly Prevention Solutions for Treatment & Repairs
– Custom Trapping and Elimination of Breeding Source

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