Guardian Pest Control provides professional pest control, rodent control, and wildlife animal removal services in Homewood, IL. We have served residential and commercial clients in the Homewood area since 1987! Our services include pest control treatments that include bed bugs, spiders, ants, and other insects to removal of raccoons, squirrels and other nuisance wildlife that may have invaded your property! Contact our team of experts today for prompt pest control services!

Pest Control Services

Guardian Pest Control is a local pest control company that services Homewood, IL and surrounding communities for any pest, rodent, or wildlife issues. We are insured, licensed, and bonded and have over 35 years’ experience in removing rodents, wildlife, or insect exterminating. Our experienced pest control technicians will find the infestations and treat the problem areas to get rid of these pests!

Preventative Treatment Service

Our highly skilled pest control technicians work with you to create a pest control treatment plan to eliminate the pest and to help stop them from re-entering your property. Our pest control technicians don’t just spray to eliminate the insect issues, they treat your home to eliminate the problem! Once we treat, we go over a custom plan for your pest issues to help keep them from coming back.

Rodent and Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Guardian Pest Control is a licensed rodent and wildlife removal company that can remove any type of rodent or wildlife. We are local to Homewood, IL which allows us to better understand the type of rodents or wildlife issues our clients may have. We are in Homewood Monday through Saturday to help get to you quickly! Rodents or wildlife removal services often include raccoons in the attic, birds coming in through chimneys, and even wildlife that has made a home under your deck!

Animal & Pest Property Damage Repairs

Once we treat your property to remove rodents or insects, there may be damage left behind from these pests! Our experienced pest control technicians know how to locate the damage and repair the damages. We can also repair areas of entry to prevent rodents from coming back into your home or business. If you have experienced damages to your property from wood destroying insects or wildlife, call us today!

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