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WDI Inspections

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Termites and wood destroying insects are the real “home wreckers” in the insect world.  As they are not picky, they also enjoy chewing up businesses causing millions of dollars a year.  It is crucial once their presence is detected that treatment starts immediately!  Part of the reason they cause so much damage is because it really takes a trained inspector to uncover their very secretive behavior.  Most wood destroying insects spend the majority of their life inside your walls and floors leaving little evidence that they are present.  

Termites can attack any property at any time! This costs homeowners & businesses billions of dollars annually because they are so hard to detect. Due to their behavior of building secretive underground tunnels into your home or business, it is very difficult for an untrained eye to spot an infestation until the damage has been done. However, there are some clues that you may need immediate help. Signs include damage to exposed wood such as windowsills, soft spots in flooring, insects that appear to be flying ants, and mud tunnels up your basement walls in an unfinished basement. Other signs could include shed wings from the swarming termites left on your windowsills and damage to any wood to earth items surrounding your home such as landscaping timbers, old tree stumps, and deck posts.

Our experienced-licensed, bonded, insured and state certified technicians will provide the barrier that is necessary to protect your home from termites and eliminate the colony of termites. No matter how much the infestation of termites you are experiencing we have the solution that will best fit your needs.

Termite Preventative Measures

These are just a few tips on how to try to prevent termites:

  • Caulk cracks in basements, foundations, utilities, and pipes.
  • Prevent moisture build up from pipes, ac units, etc.
  • Get rid of dead or excessive wood pile ups near buildings.
  • Properly maintain landscaping.
  • Look for signs around exterior wood structures such as decks or porches.
  • If you see any signs of termites call Guardian Pest Control today!

WDI Inspection / Report

A wood destroying insect inspection, also known as a Pest Inspection, is not only a requirement in most real estate transactions, but it is a great idea! Why wouldn’t you want to know your large investment isn’t being eaten around you by wood destroying insects.  More than termites destroy wood; carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder post beetles, and wood borers can all cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home and business.


Sometimes evidence is easy to detect by the untrained eye, but most of the time it’s too late. Only a trained inspector can find the issues you need to be aware of. These inspections are not only for peace of mind but as stated earlier, sometimes required in real estate sales, refinancing, and mandatory for FHA and VA loans. At Guardian we are certified, licensed, and will stand behind any report we put into writing. Currently, the report needed to pass inspection is the NPMA33. Thorough inspection at an affordable price is what we offer. Call today for pricing. We also offer a discounted price for financial institutions and realtors who will need more than just a one-time service.

Carpenter Bees

People confuse these with bumble bees but instead of flying around your flowers they will most likely be flying around your deck. Carpenter bees are more black in color and bore long tunnels into the wood with an opening as large as a dime. These tunnel galleries for nesting will continue from the hole in the wood surface inward for a distance and then turn sharply upward to run the same as the direction of the wood. Not only is this a structural issue for whatever they are drilling into but over time abandoned holes will attract other problem pests! To save your wood structures please call us today for an estimate.

Powder Post Beetles & Other Wood Destroying Beetles

If you’ve discovered some of your exposed wood in your home or furniture that appears to have drilled round holes about the size of a pencil lead you may have Powder Post Beetles. In creating those holes they also push out the damaged wood shavings knowns as frass. The Powder Post Beetle’s frass is so fine that many describe it as a baby powder substance. Adult beetles are rarely seen, however, if they are, they are less than 1/4″ and are brown. As there are many different species of wood-damaging beetles, it is best to have an inspector come out to identify the beetle and recommend the proper treatment.

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