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If you are experiencing any nuisance wildlife in or around your home or business call us today! We are an experienced fully licensed and insured member of the National Wildlife Control Operations Association with over 30 years of experience. Our expert wildlife technicians are highly trained in fast and effective removal of any wildlife, rodent and pest issues you have. We use safe and effective techniques that are guaranteed. We also can repair any damage caused to your property, for more information on animal damage repairs click here.

Custom wildlife removal based on your needs! We offer many different methods to remove wildlife or animals from your property for more information and to speak to someone 24/7 call us today!

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Nuisance Wildlife, Rodents, Snakes & Bird Control



If you encounter a bat in your home do not try to handle the bat yourself due to the risk of rabies. Rather, try to trap the bat into a single room and call Guardian Pest Control. Removing even a single bat is a specialty job and requires an experienced technician.

Most things you hear about bats are exaggerated but still the bat should be checked for rabies. If you have a single bat that flew into your home or a colony in your attic call us today. We will  remove the bat that got in your home or provide a safe way to remove the colony in your attic or chimney. We will inspect the attic space to determine if there is a colony. Extra charges may apply. 

Animal Removal in Orland Park, IL


A beaver is attracted to running water often in ponds and drainage areas. They are happy to eat natural habitats and build their homes out of wood, sticks and debris. Beavers cause major damage issues and destroy expensive ornamental trees virtually overnight.

No person should touch a beaver dam and in most states is against the law due to flooding concerns. Call us today so we can send out a state licensed, fully insured and bonded technician to remove the beaver issue you are having.


Bird Control and Barriers


While birds can be beautiful to look at when soaring through the sky, they are not so much as a good thing when they cause issues with your home or business. Clogged vents, messy bird droppings, mites and health risks are just a few of the issues birds can cause. Nesting material stuffed in stove or dryer vents can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire in your home.

If you notice birds too close for comfort or nesting on your property call us today! The longer birds nest the harder they are to remove. Our state licensed technicians will safely remove and prevent future bird infestations.


Carcass Removal

In the unfortunate event you notice strong smells coming from the walls, under sinks or decks or a large number of flies, you may have a dead animal or rodent. Call us today and we will come out to safely remove the dead animal carcass and we will make sure the area is safe when completed from disease or bacteria.


Chipmunk Removal

Humane chipmunk removal services for these sometimes nuisance animals. We offer different humane trapping methods by a state certified, fully insured technician.

Chipmunks can cause damage to your home and can in some cases carry disease. If you have a chipmunk running around the home or nested in your home call us today!


Coyote management

Coyotes are not known to attack humans however they are known to carry disease and eat farm and household pets and live stock. If you see a coyote do not approach as like other animals this could cause an attack if they feel threatened. Seeing a coyote doesn’t mean you are in danger as they are one of nature’s best predators.

We will provide an effective removal for your coyote issues. If you are experiencing an issue with coyotes call today! Our state licensed technicians are highly trained for handling of these wild animals and should never be taken lightly due to risk of bites or attacks when trying to trap.


Fox Management

Fox can carry disease such as rabies and should be handled carefully. However, seeing a fox does not mean you are in danger as they are a predator in the food chain. If you are noticing signs of a fox issue such as damage to or near your live stock or garbage containers call us today!

Guardian Pest Control is state licensed and highly trained to handle these dangerous wildlife animals. If you see a fox do not try to trap or corner it since like most creatures they can attack if they feel threatened.

Groundhog Removal

The groundhog AKA woodchuck are in the the rodent family and are veracious burrowers.  Not only will they pick from your garden more than you ever will, but their digging habits can cause concrete slabs to crack or even cave in.  Call Guardian Pest Control today for our experienced trapping services for this nuisance.


Mole Removal

Moles can cause a lot of damage to your yard, farm, sporting field and landscape. Trapping and removing moles can be a difficult and extensive task, and baiting for moles doesn’t work because they feed on earth worms and other insect larvae. If you have any signs of mole borrowing or damage such as dirt tunnels or dying grass call Guardian Pest Control today!

Our state licensed and certified technician will come out to inspect and go over the best plan of action to trap and remove the mole infestation.

MUSKRat Removal

Muskrats typically live near water and resemble a small sized beaver. Muskrats generally don’t make it into homes since they are an aquatic animal. You may notice a muskrat issue if you have water on or near your property. Muskrats eat vegetation and, due to their burrowing behavior, can erode shorelines overnight making walking and maintenance around a pond dangerous.

If you are experiencing a muskrat issue call us today and we safely remove the muskrat from your property.


OPossum Removal

If you have a opossum in your home or near your home do not try to remove it. Opossums biggest defense mechanism is playing dead and you may not be picking up a dead opossum! These rodents can carry disease, have sharp claws and because of their boldness, confrontations with your pet may result in a trip to the veterinarian. Opossums shouldn’t be handled by anyone but a trained technician.

Opossums mostly like structure outside of your home such as under porches and decks and can cause structural damage from their burrows. They will often be found searching for food in your garbage cans or food left outside. If you see signs of possums call us today, we will remove the opossum from your property.


Rabbit Removal

Are you noticing chewed up landscaping, holes in the ground or droppings all over your garden? You may have a rabbit problem and may want to know how to get rid of rabbits. Guardian Pest Control gets many calls in the spring as the weather gets warmer and damage caused by rabbits increase.

There are many methods we use to remove rabbits from your property including trapping, deterrents sprayed directly onto vegetation, netting & fencing. Our experienced technician will go over what methods need to be taken and move forward removing on your rabbit issue.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons live up to their name of “Bandit” and are the number one nuisance wildlife that breaks into homes besides squirrels, literally tearing up roofs, going in vents and down chimneys. Besides the damage that they cause, they also carry fleas, mites, distemper and even their dropping can contain roundworm. They are also very vicious fighters when cornered or threatened. Seeing droppings similar to dog droppings, prints that resemble little hands or loud noises at night overhead are all signs that you have this mammal too close to your property.  If you have a possible raccoon situation in or around your home call Guardian Pest Control today!


Skunk Removal

The skunk is one of the most common carriers of rabies and can spray their foul smell from 10 feet away. Skunks can live under decks, porches or under buildings and will be a nuisance with their odor and burrowing.

Digging or grubbing in your lawn will also be a sign you have a skunk problem. If you notice signs of skunks on or near your property call Guardian Pest control today so we can send out one of our state licensed technicians to remove the problem today!


Snake Control

Snakes are one of the most feared animals on this earth. Thankfully here in the Midwest area most snakes you can encounter are non venomous and don’t cause any serious risk to humans or pets, however, nobody wants to see a snake in their home, and some people don’t want to see them at all. While most snakes prefer habitat near lakes, ponds, rocky terrain and near streams some can get into your home accidentally.

There are many conducive conditions that can be modified to make sure your property is snake free. Call us for an inspection today. 


Squirrel Removal

The most notorious home invader is the grey squirrel. Other common invading species are the pine squirrel, the flying squirrel and fox squirrels. All squirrels are in the rodent family and are quick to gnaw to gain entry and also chew on wiring that can cause house fires.

Squirrels are most active in the morning, if you notice scratching sounds in your walls, notice holes or hear noises above your head in daylight hours, you may have a squirrel infestation and should call Guardian Pest Control today to have the squirrels removed.

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