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Rodents can cause serious health risk in your home or business. We take rodent control serious cause your safety and health is our priority when leaving your home or business after treatment. We handle all types of rodents and treat for removal, control, remediation and repairs if needed to your walls, insulation or floors. Guardian Pest Control has been removing rodents and using preventative methods for over 30 years! We are fully licensed, insured and highly trained in safe and effective rodent control and removal. For more information on mice, rat and other rodent removal or control call us today for a free estimate!

Chipmunk Removal

Chipmunks are small rodents to the ground squirrel. They are often confused with the 13-lined squirrel, but the chipmunk is about one-half or one-third the size of most ground squirrels. Chipmunks usually live in underground burrows that are sometimes lengthy covering 30 feet or more. They are most active from spring to fall and overwinter in their burrow. The daily diet of chipmunks consists of seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, and insects. Due to their habit of excavating dirt they could undermine your sidewalk, patio, and garage slab.

When you see these around your home an inspector can come out to locate their burrows and will set up a trapping or management program that same day.  Call Guardian Pest Control today to have your property inspected.


Deer Mice Control

Deer mice are sometimes called “white footed” mice. They are about the same size of house mice but they are darker colored and have larger eyes and ears with a white chest which gives them the look of a deer. Deer mice are active all year and store food for the winter season like nuts, seeds, berries, and insects. They live in wood or shrubby areas but frequently enter houses, garages, storage sheds, and stored campers during the colder months and cause damage to food supplies and furnishings. We can take care of this nuisance pest for you!

Groundhog Removal

The groundhog AKA woodchuck are in the the rodent family and are veracious burrowers. Not only will they pick from your garden more than you ever will, but their digging habits can cause concrete slabs to crack or even cave in. Call Guardian Pest Control today for our experienced trapping services for this nuisance.


Ground Squirrel Control

Ground squirrels such as the thirteen lined ground squirrel are commonly a problem in and around building foundations, lawns, golf courses, and gardens. The can be distinguished from tree squirrels by their shorter and less bushy tails and that they live underground. They feed on seeds, roots, fruits, insects, and green vegetation. They have a nasty habit of digging up newly planted seeds in your garden! Like the chipmunk they can damage your garage slab, patio, and sidewalk by their burrowing. If you are having problems with ground squirrels we can come out and do an inspection for you.

Vole Control

Also known as meadow mice, voles are small chunky rodents with adults being about 7” long where the tail is usually short and are chestnut brown mixed with black on the back. Their usual foods are grasses and herbs but seasonally could gnaw at the bark of young trees and ornamental plantings causing damage and even death to the plant. When the snow melts if you are dismayed to see all the surface runways where they have chewed the grass down to the nub from this rodent give us a call and we will be right out!


Mice Control

Mice are one of the most filthiest pests you can have in your home or business.  They nest 10-15 feet from a food source which means right in your kitchen.  They also leave their droppings and urine right where your family eats. In building their nests they cause damage to stored items, clothing, baseboards, and furniture.  Many known diseases are associated with this rodent.

There are many different techniques to controlling rodents.  To find which one works for your home or business call Guardian Pest Control for an inspection today!

Mole Removal

Moles can cause a lot of damage to your yard, farm, sporting field and landscape. Trapping and removing moles can be a difficult and extensive task, and baiting for moles doesn’t work because they feed on earth worms and other insect larvae. If you have any signs of mole borrowing or damage such as dirt tunnels or dying grass call Guardian Pest Control today!

Our state licensed and certified technician will come out to do a consultation which includes a trap on the best trapping techniques that we have learned over the years.

Rat Control

Due to a rats nocturnal behavior, they may go unnoticed until the problem is out of control. The old saying “If you’ve seen one, there’s got to be more” is definitely true when it comes to rats and mice.

Most common ways to spot rats is  droppings, scratching sound in your walls or insulation of your home ripped apart. Rats live near humans for the food we waste or leave behind. Rats commonly carry disease in their urine, bites, scratches, droppings and carry fleas. Having rats near or in your home is a health risk and you should call Guardian Pest Control right away.

Squirrel Removal

The most notorious home invader is the grey squirrel. Other common invading species are the pine squirrel, the flying squirrel and fox squirrels. All squirrels are in the rodent family and are quick to gnaw to gain entry and also chew on wiring that can cause house fires.

Squirrels are most active in the morning, if you notice scratching sounds in your walls, notice holes or hear noises above your head in daylight hours, you may have a squirrel infestation and should call Guardian Pest Control today to have the squirrels removed.

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