Guardian Pest Control has been exterminating pests in Calumet City, IL since 1987! We can help treat for any type of pests, including bed bug treatment, and rodent removal services. Contact our team today for expert pest control service in Calumet City.

Pest Control Services in Calumet City

Guardian Pest Control is a licensed, bonded, and insured pest control company near Calumet City, IL. Our certified pest control technicians will locate where your pest infestations are coming from and treat your property to eliminate your pest issues. We offer complete pest control services for any type of insects, rodents, or wildlife. Some of our services include treating for bed bugs, ants, spiders, raccoons, and other nuisance pest that find their way onto your property!

Preventative Pest Control Treatment
Our knowledgeable pest control technicians will work with you to create a treatment plan that is custom to your needs. Your pest control service technician will spray for the bugs and go over options to help with the bugs from re-entering your home. We don’t just simply spray for bugs; we treat your home to eliminate the pests!
Treatment and Removal

We treat for pest by spraying infested areas inside and outside of your property, we also provide expert rodent & animal removal services. It is common for our Calumet City clients to have issues with raccoons, squirrels, birds, or even bats getting inside homes! If you have any signs of chewing, droppings, etc. contact us today to get rid of these animals inside your home!

Property Damage Repair Service Caused by Pest or Animals
After we have treated your property to remove any wildlife or pest, there may be damages caused by these critters! Termites and other wood destroying insects, raccoons, and squirrels are some well-known pests that can destroy property! Our expert rodent and pest technicians are highly skilled in identifying the damages and repairing any damage caused by these infestations.

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