In urgent need of raccoon removal or trapping in Valparaiso, IN? Since 1987, Guardian Pest Control has been the leader in raccoon removal and trapping for homes and businesses in Valparaiso and the NWI area!

Raccoons are notorious for infiltrating homes through chimneys or roofs, causing significant damage with their chewing and sharp claws. If you hear suspicious noises in your attic or detect signs of raccoon activity near your property, prompt action is essential.

Our licensed raccoon technicians specialize in locating and safely removing these critters, while also implementing effective strategies to prevent future break-ins. Furthermore, our skilled team doesn’t just stop at removal; we’re equipped to repair any damage caused by raccoon infestations, ensuring your property remains secure and intact.


Guardian Pest Control provides expert and humane raccoon trapping services. Our specialized traps are designed to safely capture raccoons without causing harm. With strategic methods and careful handling, we relocate captured raccoons to suitable habitats away from residential areas. Our proactive approach also includes measures to prevent future intrusions, ensuring homes and businesses in Valparaiso remain protected from raccoon damage. Contact Guardian Pest Control for effective and ethical raccoon trapping services in Valparaiso, IN.

If you have questions or need immediate raccoon removal services, contact Guardian Pest Control today at 219-477-2847 (BUGS)