Licensed Raccoon Removal in Chicago

Need a raccoon removed in your Chicago home now? Guardian Pest Control has been removing raccoons and nuisance wildlife from homes and businesses in Chicago since 1987! Raccoon removal in Chicago and suburbs is the most common service we provide for nuisance wildlife! Raccoons commonly find their way into your home through the chimney or roof. They cause tons of damage with their chewing and sharp claws that they use to tear open roofs! If you hear noise in the attic or see signs of raccoons near your property, you need our Chicago raccoon removal service today!


Our licensed raccoon technician will locate and remove the raccoon and create solutions to prevent another break in from these nuisance wildlife creatures. Our highly skilled technicians not only know how to locate and remove raccoons, but they also have the skills to repair the damage caused by the raccoon infestation.


Get rid of your raccoon invasion today! Contact the local Chicago raccoon removal experts now at 773-277-PEST (7378)!