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 Our service has been deemed an essential service by the federal government to continue to protect the public health of our communities during this crisis. Given that we work with pesticides and rodenticides every day we are well accustomed to important hygiene protocols like washing hands frequently, wearing gloves, and wearing protective gear. Thank you for being a valued client of Guardian Pest Control.

Real Estate Pest Inspections In Chicagoland & NW Indiana

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Pest inspections also known as WDI (Wood Destroying Inspection) are mandatory for most transactions involved in Real Estate sales. Not only do FHA and VA loans require this inspection, but even refinancing may require this form. We offer a complete inspection at an affordable price with a certified and licensed technician. The report will be issued upon completion of inspection and then can be forwarded to your financial institution if making the request. We offer discounted rates to realtors with multiple properties and commercial properties with multiple units. We look forward to an exclusive relationship with a quick turn around when the pressure of a closing is at hand.

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