Licensed Squirrel Removal in Chicago

Squirrels are not cute once inside your home! Chicago has cold winters that can cause these little furry creatures to gnaw their way in through your attic or even walls to stay warm. Regardless of the season, squirrels enter properties for food, to give birth in secure places, and for protection from predators. Squirrels who make a home in your house can bring in parasites, create a lot of noise, cause damage wood or even wires that causes a fire hazard!


Getting rid of squirrels is no easy task! Our licensed animal removal technicians are experts is locating squirrels, their entrances, and creating solutions to preventing it from happening again. Not only are we experts in removing squirrels, but we also provide damage repairs.


Having a squirrel loose in your home is not fun! Contact our Chicago squirrel removal team today at 773-277-PEST (7378)!