Beware of Hornets – What to Watch Out For

Bald-faced Hornet — Griffith, IN — Guardian Pest ControlWe get asked a lot, what is the most aggressive wasp we have in our area (Northwest Indiana, Chicago and suburbs)? Well, here’s the buzz! Hands down, the most aggressive wasp is the bald-faced hornet which is in the wasp family.


Hornets are the wasps that build those aerial nests that look like bloated footballs in trees. These nests are easy to see when the leaves drop. So where are they now? They are building undercover by a fertile female who survived the winter and now her only job is to attack insects, feed up on protein and build a nest for her new brood. Which by the end of the season will be in the 100s!


You’ve heard the old sayings, “don’t kick a hornet’s nest” or “madder than a hornet.” Notice that in those sayings, it’s not a bee or wasp they are talking about. Hornets are not only aggressive, but they are one of the largest wasps with a large nasty stinger. Do not attempt to get near the nest and even the workers should be avoided!


As we have pictured, this is a queen which while chasing prey, turned up in a house between patio door and screen. It may be brave to just “swoosh” it away, but this wasp will turn on you quickly. So what do you do?


For a quick solution, an aerosol blast WHILE the door is closed may drop the wasp. After it is down do not pick it up with your bare hands or step on it with your bare feet. Once a wasp dies, the stinger on reflex protrudes and an accidental jab will transfer the venom to your hand or foot and it is exactly like being stung.


Treating the perimeter of your home will stop other insects and also makes your home less attractive to hornets, forcing them to go somewhere else to hunt. Also, having the trees on your property inspected will prevent the huge nest that will be a nightmare by Fall. Call the professionals at Guardian Pest Control at 877-924-7378(PEST) to schedule an inspection and hornet service.