Beware of Yellowjackets – They Nest in the Ground

Wasps — Griffith, IN — Guardian Pest ControlDo wasps nest in the ground? Yes, they do. And this type of nest is the most dangerous. When wasps nest in voids of walls usually entering through gaps of siding, human contact is very rare. Unless you are removing siding or pressure washing. Hence the old saying ” madder than a wet hornet”.


However, ground nests are very dangerous because they are in the same areas where we walk, play, picnic, and cut the grass. Most attacks are usually from grass cutting. In some cases, your mower does not even have to get directly over the nest. Just nearby vibrations can get these wasps defensive and in attack mode.


Yellow jacket queens select an area to nest soon after overwintering or hibernation. She is fertile from the fall and ready to lay eggs. These eggs develop quickly and within months, a colony can be several hundred wasps. As the colony grows, so does the chamber.


A Ground nest by fall is a huge nest and if disturbed can cause death to anyone who is allergic to the wasp venom. Even if you are not allergic, the wasp stinger is sharp and painful, and the venom will cause swelling, pain and itching.


The safest option is to have your yard and home inspected for these invaders.


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