Beware, The Bugs Are Coming!

Cicada Insect on Plant — Chicago, IL — Guardian Pest Control

In the pest control industry, a title like that is not only considered an attention grabber, but also a scare tactic. We did want to grab your attention, but only to warn you. The hard truth is this year will be extra heavy with insect activity. Not only did we have one of the wettest Springs in decades, and insects love moisture to grow their colonies, but now they have been given an extra boost of protein from our visiting friends the Cicadas.


Besides, being covered by all the local news channels, and no pun Intended, being the buzz that everyone is talking about. Cicadas are a food source for all pests in our area. Any insect that feeds on other insects, has just been given a complete season’s supply of big protein filled juicy cicadas to drag back to the nest and grow their colonies. Ants, spiders, beetles, and even a wasp known as the cicada killer, are very thankful for this 17-year visitor.


Other animals benefit also, such as raccoons, skunks and even rodents like mice and rats. In the next few weeks, as we approach the first days of Summer, you will notice around your home and property how much more you will see pests that you were occasionally bothered by in the past. The numbers will be much greater than you have ever seen.


There is nothing that can be done about the cicadas. Now that they are here, and when they burrow into the ground to wait another seventeen years, their loud noise will be over. But the damage of them becoming a huge food source and feeding the pests near us will now be something you will have to battle. Perimeter treatment is essential to keeping these populations down around your home and before the pests start to move in when night temperatures drop in October.


Give Guardian Pest Control a call today at 877-924-7878(PEST) to get the outside of your home treated as soon as possible, because “The Bugs Are Coming!” And that is not a scare tactic, it is the truth.