Quality Repairs For Animal Damage

Quality Repairs For Animal Damage — Griffith, IN — Guardian Pest Control

It was enough dealing with the nuisance wildlife that invaded your home, but to leave the damage they caused unattended is dangerous. Besides being exposed to the weather that will only cause further damage to unprotected roofs, soffits and fascia, these previous openings could also invite new animals to move right in.


Guardian Pest Control has been providing repairs specifically for animal damage for over 3 decades. What is the difference between the handyman or a roofer coming out to do the work? Most of these contractors, like us, want the repair to look nice. But, where we differ is that we use materials and tactics with animal exclusion in mind.


Most homes, especially bi-level and quad levels, have a natural gap where the upper roof meets the lower roof. These soffits are left open by the builder, who never thought that even the smallest gap is used by bats, birds, squirrels and even raccoons to get into your attic. After all, it’s just aluminum, but raccoons can peel it up to gain entry in under 5 minutes of prying. You might wonder why this was never protected. Again, no fault of the builder, but being attacked by wildlife was not taken into consideration. We take those attacks under consideration! We can protect these gaps by installing a professional looking box technique that stops invaders in their tracks.


Many roofers will not come out for a small repair, or if they do, they will upcharge because your little job is more of an inconvenience than a profit maker like putting on a new roof. Same thing with the handyman. He loves groundwork and easy jobs he is familiar with, but mentioning getting onto a ladder and wrapping a soffit with new wood and aluminum is a whole different story.


These types of repairs are our specialty. We offer them at a reasonable rate and guarantee our work for years. Soffits, fascia, eaves, and even the hole in the roof that the raccoon tore up to enter the attic is a repair that we are the best at.


Repairing the damage immediately assures your home is safe from rain, snow and ice that can get into these openings and cause even further damage into the walls or ceilings of your home. Call Guardian Pest Control today at 877-924-7378(PEST) and let us get you back to what your home looked like before the animals attacked and invaded.