Raccoon Mating Season & What It Can Mean To Your Home

Female Raccoon in the Attic— Chicago, IL — Guardian Pest ControlRaccoons are in mating season right now. If the female raccoon has decided to make a den in your attic, it will sound like fighting or scratching sounds up in your attic. Once the female gets, impregnated she will fight off the male and kick him out of her den. The female does not want the male in her den as he will eat the young.

In about 2-3 months later, there will be a birthing season where the female raccoon will give birth to young in her den, or if she doesn’t have a den yet she will break into someone’s home to deliver, which could be yours if things aren’t property sealed. At first, if there are young in your attic, they will make chirping sounds almost like birds during the night mostly while you are trying to sleep in your home. After the young get a little older, they will start moving around you will hear more activity of playing and fighting with each other. This is the time where they could accidentally fall into wall voids while roaming around your attic. At that point the noises will be day and night as that animal is stuck and cannot get out.
We do provide a service to remove the young out of the wall void by cutting into the drywall, where they are stuck, and also to repair that drywall if necessary. Also remember that all of these animals are defecating in your insulation in your attic which could be carrying diseases.
After about 2 months of time, this is when the young start going out of the attic to the outside using the same hole the mother raccoon has been using. They will start following the mother out and about foraging. Eventually they will go out on their own and could also remember your home to come back and start a family of their own.
We think raccoons are a necessary part of the animal kingdom, but when a raccoon has now become a nuisance in your home, you need a state licensed company to come out and help you with the situation in your home where your own family lives.
If you need assistance with removing raccoons or other nuisance wildlife from your home, Guardian Pest Control can provide those services. Call us today at 877-924-7878 for assistance as this is can be a very scary situation for most people.