Squirrels and Raccoons Aren’t Just Cute – They Can Damage Your Home

Squirrel and Raccoon — Griffith, IN — Guardian Pest Control

Yes, animals are cute, especially raccoons. And, squirrels are fun to watch…but squirrels gnaw, and raccoons tear, so you better watch out for them this time of year!!


When you put up the bird feeder to attract songbirds, the squirrels always find it don’t they? And, when you grill out on the deck or have your garbage cans too close to your home, raccoons show up for the leftovers. If you live in a subdivision where it was once woods, these critters never left, they still live in your wooded lot and now you have created a convenient source for food.


So, what’s next? They look for a warmer, Safer place to live. Squirrels and raccoons are the top invaders in our area, creating the most animal damage of all wildlife to our homes. Animal damage is also one of the most expensive damages when it comes to roof repair, even more than storms, downed tree branches and hail damage.


The proactive approach is to stop feeding wildlife near your home. But, due to our homes being well built and warm, the attic spaces are just too tempting to these invaders. As we said earlier, squirrels will gnaw their way in, and raccoons will tear through things to get in our homes.


What Is That Sound?


What is gnawing on my eaves? What is causing damage to my gutter line? What animal makes sounds in my attic during the day? These are the most popular questions when a homeowner looks up for gutter cleaning, or spring cleaning and notices the new damage to his or her home. Sometimes the culprits can even be seen jumping from a nearby branch onto the roof and then slipping into a hole they have created to now call THEIR nest.


The damage animals cause to your home can be expensive. Squirrels usually chew holes into the gutter line and soffits. Raccoons usually tear through the roof line and push through soffits. Both squirrels and raccoons can get into roof vents, static vents, and chimneys. When these animals chew/tear open these holes, the next stop is the attic. The damage these animals cause besides the holes in your home include urine and feces and soiled or matted insulation. Of course, you can always have the emergency of one of the animals coming down into your living areas as well!


Repairs for the animal’s damage should be done only when the animal(s) are removed from the home. They would usually include replacing damaged wood with new lumber, metal flashing, and replacing the damaged shingles. An attic inspection is recommended also after getting the animals removed as the insulation in your home would need to be checked. If there is a lot of feces, it would need to be removed. Also, the insulation in the attic might need to be removed as well and/or added on or replaced due to animal excretions.


If the squirrels or raccoons have gotten in through the roof vent fan or static vents, guards should be placed over them to prevent this from happening again. Also, if the animals have gotten into the chimney, an animal proof chimney cap should be installed on the top of the chimney. These items should be considered by every homeowner whether they have an animal invasion or not to prevent this!


A homeowner’s best plan is to get an estimate for these services from an expert in the field and also get advice on how to come up with a plan to prevent these invasions! Call the professionals at Guardian Pest Control at 877-924-7378 (PEST) to schedule an estimate or service call to rid your home of these unwelcome critters.