Stop Unwanted Guests This Holiday Season: Helpful Pest Control Blog Tips

When you think of guests during the holiday season, you might not realize that pests and nuisance wildlife often take up residence as well. Since these holiday guests are uninvited, discover some helpful pest control tips and tactics to keep pests out and loved ones in.


Practice Exclusion


Do you want to prevent pests from entering your home in the first place? To avoid an infestation, you might want to consider pest exclusion. This involves thoroughly inspecting your home for entry points and guarding against potential pests. These entry points can include your doorways, cracks, chimney, siding, roof, and various vents.


When you know of problematic areas, these can help you know what to do next. Things you might have to do include keeping windows shut, repairing or replacing screen meshes, and removing leftover fall leaves or trash from holiday gatherings. You might also need to seal cracks and gaps or replace old or damaged pipes or vents.


This thorough and comprehensive approach allows you to know how to better guard your home against pests, plus make needed repairs to keep your home in good repair.


Invest in Perimeter Trapping


Want an effective way to keep the nuisance wildlife or rodents out? As most intruders enter from the outside for warmth during the cold holiday months, a perimeter trap will get rid of most rodents or nuisance wildlife.


The perimeter of your home includes the entirety of your home’s exterior, especially the foundation. Do a preventative pest control treatment around the perimeter of your home. Other areas that a pest control professional might target include the windows, doors, and siding. That way, any pest that walk, crawl or fly will stay away from the inside of your home so that you can enjoy the holidays in peace.


Install Chimney Caps


One way that many people don’t think that pests can enter a home is through your chimney. So how do you enjoy a nice holiday evening by the fire and ensure that nothing unwanted comes in? A chimney cap should do the trick.


A chimney cap fits on top of your chimney. While its main purpose is to keep your home protected from water and ice, it also ups the protection from pests as well. An unprotected chimney might become a nesting place for anything from squirrels to birds. These pests could do untold damage to your chimney. Therefore, a chimney cap is essential to protect both your home and the pests from harm.


Get Roof Vent Guards


A roof vent is necessary for getting rid of excess heat, humidity, and moisture in your home. However, an unguarded roof vent can become a haven for pests, especially those seeking shelter from the cold. For example, raccoons, squirrels, and rodents can get into the vent and eventually the attic.


So what can you do? A roof vent guard is often helpful. This system often fits around the vent to ensure that pests can’t access the vent itself. Often, a roof vent guard has a mesh screen to allow the air to escape but not allow the pests to get in.


Protect Your Landry With Dryer Vent Guards


Your dryer requires an outlet, called the dryer vent, but this opening can also be a place for pests to sneak into. A dryer vent can shelter insects, rodents, and birds. They can do anything from endangering your health to becoming fire hazards.


So to prevent this from happening, get dryer vent guards. These allow the moisture and hot air to escape but keep the pests out. That way, you can enjoy drying your clothes without worry this holiday season.


Get Quality Pest Control Services


Want to ensure no uninvited guests show up at your home during the holidays? If so, then contact Guardian Pest Control. We provide a variety of pest control services for all types of pests, no matter the time of year. Let us make your holiday season a little brighter with pest control services that work.