The Cause and Effect of the 2024 Cicada Emergence

Cicada — Chicago, IL — Guardian Pest ControlCicadas are part of summertime. Their high-pitched sounds can be heard each summer as there are some that emerge from underground each year. But this year is special as it is the year of a super emergence that only occurs once every seventeen years.


While very noisy, the cicadas are not harmful in and of themselves and no treatment can prevent them. They can have an effect in and around your home in regard to other pests. They are abundant and they are a nutritious food source for many forms of wildlife. The Cicada Emergence may cause excessive raccoon, skunk, or opossum activity on your property. If this is the case trapping the nuisance wildlife may be required. We can help with that problem.


The biggest concern for homeowners can be a large parasitic wasp that uses the cicada specifically to feed their young. The ‘Cicada Killer wasp’ emerges each year around the same time as the cicadas emerge. These wasps will then burrow into the ground, leaving unsightly volcanoes of dirt throughout your yard. The wasps then fly around mating and then hunting for cicadas to paralyze with their sting before carrying them back to the burrow where they bury them with an egg.


These large wasps will behave in a very aggressive manner toward anyone entering their space, which is technically your space when you try to mow your yard or enjoy your yard. Combine their territorial behavior with a bumper crop of cicadas and you have a recipe for a severe infestation.


You can prevent the Cicada Killer wasp from damaging your yard and showing up next Summer, when the eggs will hatch out with a vengeance, by having them treated as soon as they appear. Call us today at 877-924-7878 for assistance with this treatment and for any nuisance wildlife trapping that may be needed.