Want To Go Somewhere Warm This Winter?

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Sadly, so do pests! If you are like most people in the Midwest, you keep your thermostat on at least 70 degrees in the winter. In fact, like most folks, you also add a little humidity so you are not shocking yourself or family members as you walk through your home. By keeping your home at 70 degrees and a nice relative humidity, you also just created a perfect place to overwinter for pests.


It is nothing new that pests need a place to “hide out” during the winter months. If they did not overwinter in a place safe from extended below freezing temperatures, they would die. And we know by seeing them every spring, they do not die off. Even with the newest homes or the tightest brick work and foundation, the pests can get in. They get in under siding, mortar joints, rooflines, soffits, facia, leaky windows ,attached garages, and actually any crack as small as the thickness of 2 sheets of paper.


Why me? A lot of our clients ask: ” Is there something I am doing wrong, is my house dirty, why me?” No, it is not anything you are doing wrong, nor is it that you just have “bad luck.” The truth is pests have survived since the age of the dinosaurs and they will more than likely be the last standing at the end of times. Pests are hIghly adaptable, tough and know how to live off of us. They eat our food, invade our homes, and even sometimes attack us.


It would be very costly and actually impossible to go around our homes and seal every crack and crevice with a high-quality caulk and think this will stop them. Caulk degrades in sunlight, and it still would not protect your windows and doors. The only way to keep them out is to have your home exterior treated before they make this move to vacation in our homes.


Every pest that you see on the outside of your home in the spring and summer, is a likely candidate to move in when winter hits.  Box elder bugs, lady bugs, ants, bees, wasps and more. They are happy in attics, under siding or hiding out in the outer layers of our homes. But when temperatures fluctuate, as they do in the Midwest, it gets them moving. A 50-degree day can be followed by a snowstorm and 20-degree drop overnight. So, when the pests get active with the warm sun and then feel the cold, they get on the move. Sometimes that means deeper in the walls and right into your home.


Call today for a free estimate on pest services so we can help you ruin their vacation. An odorless safe treatment inside will be applied and be waiting for the pests if they should want to move indoors this winter. The residual of the treatment will protect you for 30 days and will be a lot easier than trying to get on a ladder and hunt down every gap on the outside. We also will treat the outside next spring, so no pests are near your home to do this migration again. Attic spaces are also fogged and attached garages treated as part of the program. We will even check for any rodent activity in the basement or garage, and even the shed, where the mice always find that bird seed you are storing.


Call Guardian Pest Control today at 877-924-7378(PEST) and put a stop to any plans the pests have made to use your home as a bed and breakfast.