What to Do When You Need a Raccoon or Squirrel Removal in a Tall Building in Chicago

Pick-up Truck Parked Outdoors — Chicago, IL — Guardian Pest ControlRaccoon and squirrel removal is no DIY project! When you have found signs of nuisance wildlife in your multi-story building, the removal of a raccoon or squirrel can be become more difficult. Guardian Pest Control takes trapping to a new height with equipment to handle any raccoon or squirrel intrusion in your Chicago multi-story building!


It’s often said, “the quickest way between two points is a straight line”. When dealing with a problem who wants to waste time? That’s especially the case when you have a wild animal like squirrels or raccoons living in your home. Wouldn’t you agree? This is why trapping at the entry point is so important.


While each issue that we encounter is its own unique situation, we strive where possible to trap nuisance wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons near their entry point into a structure. For animal issues in attics this often requires the use of ladders.


We routinely use various size A-frame ladders, extension ladders, and toe boards to access the entry points. This allows us to set traps in the most effective manner, focusing on your problem, not random neighborhood wildlife.


In the Chicagoland area it’s common to see three story buildings. These include multi-unit buildings that have been converted to single homes. Some flat roofed homes have had their rear porch access hatches sealed off, for these and similar structures we often use a three-story extension ladder.


Chicago, the suburbs, or Indiana wherever the problem is we go there. And whether it’s a small painter’s ladder or a massive three-story ladder we can do what’s needed for us and our traps to be put where we need to them to be! If you need help with raccoon and squirrel removal in Chicago, contact Guardian Pest Control today at 877-924-7878 (PEST)