Why Chicago Pest Control Is So Challenging

Guardian Pest Control has provided pest control services for in the city of Chicago for more than 30 years and we still run into unusual and unique situations. And yes, even difficult and challenging ones.


Raccoon control is much different and simpler in the south suburbs and NWI than it is in the city. The tallest homes in Frankfort are nothing compared to the old classic homes in Hyde Park and Beverly, where if you do not have 3-story ladders and brave technicians to use them, the raccoon traps are not going to get near the point of entry on the roof. Setting traps on the ground in the city for raccoon removal or squirrel removal also can mean trap removal! Hundreds of traps are stolen yearly leaving customers very frustrated and of course the company that placed the traps out of their equipment.


Besides the threat of trap theft, trap tampering is also a huge factor. Someone who has their own opinion of how animals should not be trapped. Even in a humane trap, will a lot of times release these animals. The animals are now trained not to go into live traps and are very difficult to ever catch again. These animals are considered trap shy by definition and a real challenge to remove.


Do it yourselfers are on the rise due to social media or other searches online. How to remove raccoons or squirrels from my attic is the most dangerous when it comes to bad advice. You never want to try to repel animals by using a chemical, or ammonia, and then seal the hole they have torn into your roof. This is when our 24-hour emergency services are the busiest! The invading animal is now trapped in the attic space, and a lot of times will climb deeper in the walls and or rip up drywall and enter the home. And as raccoons are nocturnal, yes, our calls come in after midnight. Leave the removal to an expert and stay off of You Tube.


Roach control in the city of Chicago is also a different treatment than what can be done in a single family home. Multi-unit buildings and condos are linked together with natural routes of travel for roaches. The bathroom and kitchen plumbing that goes from one unit to the next are perfect ways for roaches to spread and breed. Many times, an infested unit may not care about the problem, until management does an inspection. But by that time, it is too late. The inspection was done because an adjoining unit called down and asked why are they seeing roaches? It should be standard practice in these situations to treat the infested unit first, and then the units above, below and on the sides. Even electrical outlets can lead roaches out of one unit into another.


Bed bugs are another huge problem in the city of Chicago. They are transported into hotels via infested luggage and if you were unlucky enough to stay there, and put your bags on the floor, you may have brought them home with you. That is just one scenario that happens all the time. Again, multi-unit buildings are also a huge challenge and should be left to an expert, not insect bombs that promise the world online. These fumigants can drive bed bugs deeper into voids and make bed bug control even tougher when you have to finally call a professional.


Termite control is another challenge that is much different in the city versus outside of the city. Due to the unique buildings and different foundations, treatment plans are different and difficult in every home or building. Crawl spaces in China town, to triple brick foundations in Pilsen, every situation is different. And the tight “gang ways” on the east side are another challenge. Termites love moisture and the fact that Hegewisch was built on a filled in swamp, some of our biggest jobs come from there. We have treated entire blocks to control these subterranean invaders.


To sound like a real Chicagoan, as our family is, the bottom line is when you have a problem, call us. We have been battling pests since 1991, in all neighborhoods of Chicago. Roaches, bed bugs, mice, rats, wasps and a lot more are no problem for us. We offer a guarantee with our services.


You can stop blowing money on products online or spending hours watching someone online telling you peppermint in a cabinet will stop ants. Or again, the terrible advice to “just seal the hole” when you see wasps flying in and out. This again is one of our biggest emergency calls. Wasp will chew right through dry wall and will be waiting for you when you come home from work!


If you live in the city of Chicago and encounter any of these pest problems, call the experts at Guardian Pest Control at 877-924-7878(PEST). It is much easier and you will have it done right, the first time.