Why You Can Get Rodent Issues Repeatedly

Grey Rat Near Wooden Wall on Floor — Chicago, IL — Guardian Pest ControlYou had mice in your home and had a professional pest control company come out and treat a mice problem and now the problem is gone.  So as a homeowner or a business you think you are done with the situation. But that is not always the case.


After you solve a rodent problem, keeping a pest control service is important and can save you headaches later. All mice leave Pheromones behind when they travel through your home, and this is to let other mice know how to follow their path.


These are like “Invisible trails” to attract other mice to the area.  Mice are very social creatures, and they also travel in groups.  There are not a lot of ways to cover these pheromones, so continuing a maintenance pest control service will help prevent future invasions.


It usually takes a little time before our customers notice they are having a mouse infestation. By the time you see mice droppings, the infestation has already progressed since mice give birth 5-10 times a year and have an average of 6-8 babies. And this is just from one female!


Guardian Pest Control offers pest control for mice and can offer flexible maintenance programs for the homeowner or business that wants to potentially keep their home safe and secure from rodents! Call us today at 877-924-7878(PEST) for an inspection and estimate.